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Quitting Smoking with another Person Makes the Journey Easier

Everyone is fairly educated in the health risks involved with smoking. These range from cardio vascular problems to high blood pressure to bad teeth. It can even make you score low in the amorous affairs and reduce the likely hood of continuing the family name! This is why, the decision to quit smoking is one of the most important health improvement benefits you can make. However, as an avid smoker you may not be able to just stop smoking the moment the decision is made. It takes a lot of dedication, preparation and planning on your part.

Difficulty in Quitting Smoking

The allure of the nicotine in cigarettes, can affect you both psychologically as well as physically. In addition, for all avid smokers, it is a way of life, a ritual which you wake up to every morning. Kicking the habit will therefore not be an easy task. Your body will go through withdrawal and cravings which need to be managed. In order to make a success of quitting, you should have a good resolve.

Counselling Can Help

There are many ways in which you can go about the task of quitting smoking. One of these is to do it with another person or persons. When a person begins the journey of quitting smoking, no one will understand how they feel other than another smoker who has decided to quit too. Being able to go through this together makes the journey less stressful. Joining a group session where there are many smokers who will provide their input into the difficulties of quitting will also make you understand what can be expected and help you prepare for it. In addition, having someone to boost the will power of the person too will help you dramatically.

The most effective method of counselling for those who wish to quit smoking is the one-on-one method. This method of counselling is more effective as each session is specifically tailored for each patient. Customized counselling sessions ensure that you will get the proper attention which enables you to focus more seriously on kicking the habit.

Alternative Therapies for Quitting Smoking

More and more people are now benefiting from alternative medical therapies such as hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. You too can cut short the painful transition period from smoker to non-smoker by making use of these methods that alter your smoking behaviour at a subconscious level, which tackles the craving issues without you having to deal with it.

When you make the decision to quit smoking, your journey has just begun and you should be aware that the journey will not be easy. There will be days that it will seem almost impossible. However, with perseverance, and the right kind of support, you will be able to quit for good.



Ruth E. Stuettgen helps smokers Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes™ guaranteed, as an alternative medical therapy for those struggling with smoke habits. Her practice is located in Scoresby, Victoria, Australia. You can receive invaluable information on the subject at her Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes blog.  


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